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‘Spandan’ an altruistic NGO, inspired by benevolence and humanitarian values, embarked on to dig out the most execrable verity, that has changed Madhya Pradesh, Hindustaan ka dil, as wee see it. The recently concluded survey uncovered that malnutrition has engulfed fifty children in the past six months, in Madhya Pradesh alone. The numbers are periling to cross the hundred mark with ease if the entire nation was dealt at hand. When the political ‘know-how’ bureaucrats were apprised about the deplorable circumstances, they began lecturing the various turpitudes of modern society, and failed but not once, when it came to absolve themselves out. Their unceasing attempt to adjudge themselves innocent highlights the depravity of a human mind.


It is unfortunate that a child is not considered malnourished till he becomes a severe case and is at the dearth of his life. The impoverished people of Satna district(M.P.),lack basic facilities like seating arrangement, drinking water, separate toilets or space to cook nutritious food; These numbers equally put forth the abysmal condition of medical facilities and emergency services provided to the not so developed classes. When a child dies of malnutrition, he does not go off easy. It happens through a slow and sickening chain, which leaves the child at pitiable and hapless condition. Sunken eyes, deep-set skin exhibiting each and every one of the 206 bones present, are what a parent must bear witness in his to be caretaker. The gut wrenching thought of impuissance becomes quotidian.

With the mushrooming up of fast food restaurants, pizza huts, and a gazillion more places to grab a bite, these figures are disturbing to any section of our multi-ethnic society. Next time you spare excess food at a fancy and gaudy restaurant, I invite you to spare a thought. Next time you curse your existence, I invite you to compare. Next time you feel that India is perfect, I invite you reconsider.

Why must a child die at all? Why do people feel they can justify death? Why is the government inefficient in providing the most basic amenity for life?These are a very few from the plethora of riveting questions crowding my fragile consciousness.

The hour when the government both at the centre and state level should accept their cumulative failure is here. New norms regarding food security need to be devised and executed to curb this horrid menace sine die. The proposal of propagandas is not alien to our system, its their implementation which is all in all indispensable.

A child lost to malnutrition is a concern for all Indians, a shame for all residents in the near by vicinity, a sin for the government.


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