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I pity those who need an idol to worship,i see my god,when i rest,i see him when i close my eyes.I believe in him and so for the society i am ostensibly an atheist.

Come monsoon,and a flurry of seasons overshadows us.The most momentous being ‘Ganesh-Chaturthi’.The already boisterous streets of India,become overwhelmingly more rumbustious and a less more organised.But that is just a moot issue,when the fiscal liabilities are concerned.Every year,incessantly,stupendous amount of money flows into adorning the ‘stone-made’ reincarnations of Lord Ganesha,the brooding devotion of believers in that idol is extortionate if i am concerned.Pragmatically,its just a ‘rock-cut’ commercial silhouette of the almighty.I admire these ‘rocks’,not for they are god,but for they are meticulous pieces of architecture.

The beliefs and the unbeliefs,more so the latter surrounding the ‘almighty’ never seem to call it a day.Tons and tons of gold used to beautify a stone deity,in a country where more than half of the population lives below poverty line,in a country where eradication of poverty is ‘the’ major agenda,is ludicrous and worrying simultaneously.It is exorbitant that people actually are pushed to believe that there is a god in a colossal,stone made statue.More baffling is the fact that people believe there is god in that statue and in that statue only.Knowing god,i don’t think he would reside in a rock which has similar effigy as to him,and ignore a rock in shape of a ‘skunk’.For all i know,he does not discriminate.So if there is god in an idol,it justifies his presence in your ‘shoes’.You don’t treat him that well,do you?You kick him everyday,you put him as a shield so that it is he who gets doused in mud.Trust me,you don’t want to do all that with god.

The saga of the ‘rock’ doesn’t end here.People offer ‘lucre’ in front of it,and feel that by doing so,they will have a happily ever after.If it worked that way,i strongly believe everyone surviving below poverty line should forcefully be made sterile,for they and their off springs are never going to have a happy ending.And the golden words stand- “Prevention is better than cure”.Any attempt to bring ‘sense’ back in our society,is considered a threat to our ‘culture’.Its just an impasse,apathetic scenario.We are moving in to dying orbits,we are superstitious,we are adamant,we are helpless,but we are not alone.


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Oft we come across incidents which allegedly disrupt our ‘culture’.Oft we come across a group of jingoistic individuals ostensibly presenting themselves as saviours of our culture.Oft we see a zilch of an incident take shape of a hoopla for being ‘anti-cultural’.It is groovy that we have inherited a multi-cultural,a multi-ethnic society,but is it altogether a sin to think a bit far away from all of it?

The blending of the western culture in our society is not obscure to any mortal eye.But the vociferous protest against it,is embarrassing for a visionary India.The ‘pub-culture’ has already borne witness to the wrath of self acclaimed soldiers of culture.The latest victim of India’s adamant mind is ‘legalisation of homosexuality’.My contemplative mind,fails in every sincere attempt,when it tries to reason out,the ballyhoo surrounding it.If there is a consensus of two individuals,which culture prohibits them to pursue happiness.It is dismaying and causing consternation that our ‘religious-heads’ are thinking it all to be ‘anti-social’.I am afraid all that is left now in our ‘culture’ is a group of men,tired of their ‘lost-identity’,given up to every failure to lead a successful life,advocating the sermon for a ‘cultural-society’.We,the naive,call them ‘religious-heads’.The reason they give to patronage their orthodox behaviour is -“This has been going on for ages,this is gods way to do it”.I can’t help but think,is everything that has been going on for ages a supreme verity?And if that was the case why were ‘sati’, ‘untouchability’ and other menaces banned,after all even they were a part of our ‘culture’ once.

Any astute person would see that our culture is not being ‘destroyed’,it is evolving,like it has over the many years.A culture is never destroyed,it always evolves.But there are always protests to ‘change’.There is always just one more inexorable mind left.I am wishful that the higher minds decide what is best for our society pragmatically and not spiritually.For change is indispensable for a stable society.

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