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The orthodox ‘fourth-estate’ of India, the press, scrutinized on the new and effulgent ‘fourth-estate’, the blogosphere. The former can with ease bring forth a thirty minutes special report on the alleged ‘conspiracy of the digital age’, or even ‘technology-a threat to India’ for that matter, if they feel their position disheveled. The gloomier side to it is that, the naïve and baffled masses would nod along them, owing to their incessant perception-“The media can not wrong”. It isn’t agonizing any more; it is appalling now causing consternation. Awareness grows as it is spreads. But in our country, sadly it isn’t growing anymore. It seems we are moving into dying orbits, imperiling nothing but our own virtue.

My concerning doesn’t emanate from a couple of flaws by the television media, but due to a long, prolonged sense of fear that has been instilled in me, an unexplainable agony that I have developed within myself; after watching the news as it breaks and juxtaposing it with as it is presented. I must here venture that through this article of mine, am not trying to spark an unprecedented revolution, or to change the face of television media as we see it. I am just trying to spread awareness as I see my biggest challenge in it. I do believe that many of the ‘news’ channels are credible to their reputation and do justice to their position. This is just yet another attempt to point out the black sheep.

For instance the not so recently concluded ‘Big-Bang’ experiment by some of the most intellectual minds, was presented as the grimmest catastrophe ever to take place. The experiment in spite of being praised was booed and feared. The stupendous amount of money that flew in it was shown to elicit nothing but Armageddon. And if that wasn’t horrid enough, a television ‘news’ channel of good standing gave it a religious cut, and borne witness that ‘The End’ as it will be, was predicted by a religious saint thousands and thousands of years ago. The chaos theory states-“One random act gives rise to another, which starts another, in a bigger picture it starts a change, it starts chaos, it commences mass hysteria” . And so it was to be, it was almost worth killing yourself when some of the self acclaimed intellects fell prey. The vicious circle took an even vicious turn when these ‘intellects’ started spreading their knowledge. Instead of keeping their newly found philosophy they decided to propagate it to their off springs. And so the chaos theory was justified.


The apex court gave its ruling quite a time back, ordering the honorable government to look in to these discrepancies. The government in a jiffy formed a committee for that matter. When the committee failed to submit its report in its prescribed term, another committee was made to look in to the working of the former committee. It is true then ours is a land of committees. But deplorably the only problem these committees seem to tackle is unemployment. Well so far, so good. And that’s the last a common man ever heard of this issue on which even the Supreme Court has given its verdict.

The more I contemplate about it, I get lost in reverie, I get dazed, for who is to blame.

The corporate ‘news’ channels who are in it for lucre, and will inevitably present things as the masses would find fascinating, or the Aam janta, which fails to understand the very same fact, or the ignorant and adamant government, sitting cozily in its comfort zone and seems to have become brazen about it.


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