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Each Indian is vexed when one reminisces the unequivocally detestable series of events which shook India on the twenty-sixth day of November,last year.As appalling and dismaying it was,the worst was yet to strike.The probe which commenced showed assurance of ‘speedy justice’,which is all in all alien to our country.But the Much Ado was short-lived. The self realisation of being an Indian was what followed.

Days passed,they cumulatively added to make months.Now they are about to make a whole year,and yet the guilty is on trial.Ajmal Kasab,the solitary survivor of the perpetrators,is still breathing with strength and honor.The law of the land gives him the right to be adjudged innocent,until the honorable courts decide otherwise,which is not yet the case.So as of now he is as clean,as you are,as pious,as you are.The news broke today that our ‘leader’ as some call him,Mr. Manmohan Singh gave a word that our country shall not hold composite talks with Pakistan until it punishes those guilty of masterminding 26/11.Mr. Prime Minister if our own country still treats Kasab as innocent,expecting our neighbours to take action is outrageous and a bit humourous simultaneously.Justice delayed is justice denied.The dilly-dallying brings in to spotlight,a country governed by weak,meek and submissive ‘leaders’,reluctant to take collossal steps.In lieu of taking prompt actions,and send a strong message to all the potential terrorists,our great nation believes in waiting.Is it really worth it?Our country was held hostage and ravaged for three days incessantly on live television and it had all our eyes and ears aroused.As if we were waiting for a cine matinee in prosaic.The chargesheet filed against Kasab is just rambling unceasingly for pages,thousands of them.Mr. Kasab is alleged of loitering about the Shivaji terminal without a platform ticket,and will be trialed for it.Oh dear lord,that is a heinous crime,isn’t it?So much for transparency.

The great nation of U.S.A. hanged Saddam Hussain till death on live television,alleging his insubordination towards them.The new India,the shining India seems to have forgotten and gone about it’s quotidian routine as if there was never a 26/11.There are two sides to see it.One and the much hyped side to it is that nothing can wear India down.The not so hyped,worrying side to it is that we pragmatically don’t care.Everyday we watch the news as it breaks,we get apprised,and thats it,we forget that it ever happened.Cases of murders,extortion,rape,abduction seemingly entertain us.Instead of getting alarmed,we watch it casually as if it is a part of our routine.I beg you to put yourself in the victim’s shoes,will you be so adamant,so ignorant,if it was you,or a comrade of your’s?The same tune was sung after 26/11,the mob was agonised,they were ready to throw off the democracy if it didn’t guarantee their safety.Their reaction,and belligerence was unprecedented.But now assess where we are.We have become complacent.We have allowed time to take a toll on us.We are not demanding justice,we are waiting patiently for it,whenever it comes,in whatever way it comes.


I just hope,am just optimistic Kasab doesn’t die of old age and instead is tasted the flavour of justice.I just hope we change ourselves,we start to take responsibilities morally,we start to commit ourselves for the benefit of others,we feel for the others,we don’t enjoy news,we realise it,we strive for the greater good.And above all we don’t completely forget so much, so soon.


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