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Am just a nobody 'Wanna be'.living in a sub-urban undermined place called Bhilai.Having not been brought up in the 'CITY' i consider myself naive and novice.Bearing a hard-headed,head-strong,practical,easily amused,contemplative,rebellious,belligerent character i find it an arduous task to conform and so i embark on to change the not 'ME's'.Quite prone to get lost in reverie i often find it difficult to juxtapose fiction and truth!The much hyped 'Series of unfortunate events' is a mundane and quotidian happening for me.You know what they say "Take everything in the stride". A follower of extremism,with perception that gentle words are never consequential and democracy always has and always will bow down to aggression. No colossal and stupendous change has ever emanated by being meek and calm but by questioning the status quo and by standing for what you believe is right,no matter how extortionate and horrid it might be. So much for my prospects,am pursuing for a law degree,a passport to get into the system,to get familiar with it,to point out its flaws,to amend it,to commit to fulfill the insatiable asks of the hour and at a bigger stage realise the common and greater good. I urge you all in strongest words possible "Come forward,you are to bring change".Change,we can.Better perish fighting for what you believe in than crouch to a confident man's contrasting views. I can go rambling on incessantly but with constraint of space and time,of either of us,i am giving blogging a thought,to provide a reasonable outlet to my thoughts.If you find me any good,do tell me,it will cumulatively add to my scanty morale.

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