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The sonorous memories of our austere former President,his excellency Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam,being frisked by an international airlines are not pallid yet,and still manage to recapture regret,shame,guilt,remorse and a countless other feelings when one retrospects.The flamboyant and futile display of our protest against it,is not cold yet.But that can not stop the news from breaking.In a later and much recent happening the widely acclaimed king of bollywood,Mr. Sharukh ‘Khan’,was detained at Newark airport,and interrogated for because he was a ‘Khan’.

As a rule vociferous protests followed,but the griever himself,Mr. Khan refused the need of any apology.And my mind is in a quandary,of which event is more rueful,his detention or his submissive acceptance.In a press statement Mr. Tharoor our honorable minister of state said and i quote-“this is a happening for a lot of Indians daily,but sadly they don’t have a billion to stand for them”.It is indeed sad Mr. Minister.Albeit it is well known,we have failed miserably to stop it.The reason is evident.For if the lamenter is a common man,he does not make the news.And if the lamenter is a part of glitterati,he would not feel the need to ebb and wane his good name,as is the case now.It is a bleak situation marauding our pride and conscience.I assure you,if it was you but not Sharukh,not even a trivial talk would have emanated.Once it has generated shock waves all across the nation it is a moral duty of ‘Baadshah‘,to press charges,to heed for an official apology assuring its prohibition in the future.For he jabbers incessantly of ‘fighting for people’,of being a ‘true’ Indian,the onus is now on him,for his voice will be heard if raised.For he and himself can seek an apology,if any Indian can.For Sharukh ‘Khan’ and not any ordinary ‘Khan’ could avenge,and no billions would support anyone but him.If he accepts it meekly,as being a mundane and quotidian event,what message will it send to the next ‘Khan’ who is ‘ill-treated’?If the King Khan fails to contrive an apology,an ordinary ‘Khan’ is just zilch and less.If anything is a certainty in this transient world,it is that more ‘Khans’ will be detained daily.If Sharukh does not dares,no one will.

On our 62nd Independence Day,which recently passed,people said we have inherited a strong country,we have inherited a multi-cultural society.But i say pragmatically as it looks,we have inherited nothing but lack of wits,we have inherited Chalta hai attitude.We are all cosily sitting where we are,no one wants to risk it for the greater good.The perilous and bleak scenario is causing consternation.Indians have not yet learned to dare,to challenge the status-quo.I am optimistic that,the offing will see us more belligerent and rebelious.


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I pity those who need an idol to worship,i see my god,when i rest,i see him when i close my eyes.I believe in him and so for the society i am ostensibly an atheist.

Come monsoon,and a flurry of seasons overshadows us.The most momentous being ‘Ganesh-Chaturthi’.The already boisterous streets of India,become overwhelmingly more rumbustious and a less more organised.But that is just a moot issue,when the fiscal liabilities are concerned.Every year,incessantly,stupendous amount of money flows into adorning the ‘stone-made’ reincarnations of Lord Ganesha,the brooding devotion of believers in that idol is extortionate if i am concerned.Pragmatically,its just a ‘rock-cut’ commercial silhouette of the almighty.I admire these ‘rocks’,not for they are god,but for they are meticulous pieces of architecture.

The beliefs and the unbeliefs,more so the latter surrounding the ‘almighty’ never seem to call it a day.Tons and tons of gold used to beautify a stone deity,in a country where more than half of the population lives below poverty line,in a country where eradication of poverty is ‘the’ major agenda,is ludicrous and worrying simultaneously.It is exorbitant that people actually are pushed to believe that there is a god in a colossal,stone made statue.More baffling is the fact that people believe there is god in that statue and in that statue only.Knowing god,i don’t think he would reside in a rock which has similar effigy as to him,and ignore a rock in shape of a ‘skunk’.For all i know,he does not discriminate.So if there is god in an idol,it justifies his presence in your ‘shoes’.You don’t treat him that well,do you?You kick him everyday,you put him as a shield so that it is he who gets doused in mud.Trust me,you don’t want to do all that with god.

The saga of the ‘rock’ doesn’t end here.People offer ‘lucre’ in front of it,and feel that by doing so,they will have a happily ever after.If it worked that way,i strongly believe everyone surviving below poverty line should forcefully be made sterile,for they and their off springs are never going to have a happy ending.And the golden words stand- “Prevention is better than cure”.Any attempt to bring ‘sense’ back in our society,is considered a threat to our ‘culture’.Its just an impasse,apathetic scenario.We are moving in to dying orbits,we are superstitious,we are adamant,we are helpless,but we are not alone.

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